The history of  Teatey Milktea and Kunya Food Products started on September 2018. Within months of returning to the Philippines in 2018, Ms. Jyna Butchayo was urged by her close relatives to start a Food & Beverage business, starting with Milktea. Although it has been 11 years since the arrival of a popular milktea brand here in the Philippines, it seemed to them that the milktea craze is far from over and can, therefore, be a good business to invest in.

Seeing the popularity of milktea in Santiago City alone gained Ms. Jyna’s full attention. However, without prior knowledge of milktea preparation, she was at a disadvantage. Armed with determination, perseverance, and research, she went through with the business plan. Internalizing what Tony Robbins said, she “Stop[ped] being afraid of what could go wrong, and start[ed] being excited of what could go right.”

Tony Robbins Quote

So on July 4, 2019, Teatey Milktea officially opened its doors to the public at #23 Quezon Avenue, Victory Norte, Santiago City Isabela. Why Teatey? Ms. Jyna does have a good sense of humor but the “-tey” in Teatey came from the Hebrew word תה (teh) which also means tea, as a way to pay homage to Israel that has been her home away from home for more than six years. What better way to say they’re selling tea, right?

Another few months passed by and Ms. Jyna launched another set of products, the Kunya Food Products. The word Kunya, on the other hand, comes from the Thai word คุณย่า or Khuṇỳā, meaning grandmother or lola as some of her recipes came from her mother.

Now barely 4 months from its establishment, Ms. Jyna would like to open her horizons and go national or even international by setting up this website. But there’s no rush! It will be more interesting to have meaningful business relations than a short-lived craze.

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