Ms. Jyna Butchayo was born and raised here in the City of Santiago. She started her journey as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in the year 2012 at Israel as an honorable caregiver. That same year, she started her interest and passion for online business by doing live promotions of products from other countries during her day-off. Suffice to say, this was a successful venture for her as she was able to continue doing so for the next 6 years.

A few months after her return to the Philippines in September 2018, Ms. Jyna Butchayo was thinking of establishing a physical business environment where she can sell a set of products to the community. Asking her nieces and nephews came an immediate reply of, “Why not go into milktea business?,” as Filipinos are so much into the milktea craze.

It was a good proposal but the greatest hindrance she had at the time was the lack of skill or knowledge of milk tea preparation and management. With the support of her relatives, she researched the different flavors she can create using locally available ingredients and materials. After the trial and error process, with her relatives as test subjects, she was able to make the delicious menu Teatey Milktea has now. But why stop there? As Teatey Milktea appeal to the younger generation, Ms. Jyna Butchayo also wanted to appeal to the older yet wiser generation. That’s when Kunya Food Products, a multi-cultural blend, came into existence.

You can see Ms. Jyna as an ordinary woman, a mother, a child, a Filipino Citizen. But, you can definitely see how much of a driven businesswoman Ms. Jyna is. Knowing that there are various obstacles ahead will be of no consequence to someone who is creative, passionate and determined.