Teatey Milktea

At Teatey Milktea, we need not boast the number of items we sell, the number of customers we sell to or even who they are. What matters most is that we made our products with heart and passion. Teatey Milktea has just started its operation but not a day goes by without us thinking of ways to make our customers happy about our products. At Teatey Milktea, we value our customers and their feedback. Are the products to your liking? How is the taste? How about the packaging? Any recommendations? Contact us now!

Only by engaging our customers to an intellectual discourse can we improve the quality of the products we deliver to the public. If you wish to leave any inquiry, comment, or suggestion, please leave a message below or at any of our social media sites. Don’t worry, we keep things private. We will always ask for your consent before posting anything on our website and social media sites. Take a look at our Privacy Policy for your guidance.

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Should someone give a good remark, it is not because we paid them to but because they truly enjoyed our foods. As the saying goes, “Work hard in silence, let success make the noise” or in our case, let the customers make the noise, in a good way we hope.

If you like, you can visit the Teatey Milktea Store and personally give your feedback at:

#23 Quezon Avenue,  Victory Norte, Santiago City, Isabela (two blocks down Banco De Oro-Maharlika Highway).