Teatey Milktea is a residential beverage store in Santiago City that serves a wide variety of fresh and refreshing drinks—from ice-cold drinks, milktea, frappe, fruit tea, pearl shake and to our very own Teatey Mango—with over 40 flavors to choose from. Our drinks are all about familiarity and quality. The company infuses great care in the preparation of your drinks, serving them with a smile. The menu may seem predictable, but once you taste it, you will be surprised you won’t be able to get over it.

Remaining observant of the current market trends helps us take calculated steps to meet the demands of the public, whether young or old. That is why, at kunyafoods.com, we do not only provide Teatey Milktea to quench your thirst on a hot summer day or satisfy your craving any time of the year. We also sell Kunya Chili Oil, and Kunya Sweet & Spicy Shrimp Anchovy (alamang)  for take-home purchases, two of the most substantive ingredients any Filipino kitchen needs that can help you enhance the flavors of any dish.

As part of the whole marketing strategy, we maintain the ambient and comforting aura of our shop. Teatey Milktea operates the business according to a clear set of dependable rules and product standards. Our strategy is to build communities through the authentic drink experience that we offer so that our brand will remain stable for a very long period.

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If you wish to leave any inquiry, comment, or suggestion, go to Contact Us to leave a message. Don’t worry, we keep things private. We will always ask for your consent before posting anything in our website and social media sites. Feel free to contact us anytime, we’d love to hear from you!

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