How Filipinos became milktea lovers ?

Filipinos are food lovers and we can’t deny it. And honestly, Filipinos are so good at adapting to other cultures – learning a foreign language, living in a different country, and embracing a different culture. We can eat anything and we take pride in our inability to adapt to any situation no matter how difficult. And that is why Filipinos keep drinking this milktea which was originated from other countries. That’s how Filipinos became milktea lovers.

The craze for milktea here in the Philippines is very incredible. And because of its growing popularity, lots of businessmen are targeting this industry. You can visit a different milktea shop everywhere. And since social media are one of the reasons for the great influence, its popularity keeps growing. According to GrabFood, Filipinos consumers ranked second who reportedly drink five cups of bubble tea per person per month in entire Southeast Asia and still counting.

There’s a lot of classic flavors offered by one of the biggest names in the milk tea world. Personally, Matcha Milktea flavor was the first I tried, and it drew me into the marvelous world of milk tea. No wonder it’s a huge favorite of every Filipinos who are health conscious! Its popularity is increasing primarily because of its many health benefits, but it’s also incredibly visual, making it fun to share on social media.

One major thing that gets excited every day is the prospect of drinking milk tea when the day ends. It creates a rewarding time out experience with a drink that’s naturally good for you. S what are you waiting also, visit us at our nearest milk tea shop, the Teatey Milktea and more. And I think being Filipino milk tea lovers is just that good!

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