Consumers Wise Choices – Adapting in the Milktea Business

Consumers continuously become wise year after year.

Comparing our buying practices today to 2 to 3 decades ago, you’ll notice that consumers are more critical of their choices now than years before. We can attribute this to the advent of technology enabling the ease of information dissemination from one place to another. Of course, this can only work if the community is indeed receptive and open with regards to the new information learned.

Relating this to the current rise of the milk tea industry in the Philippines since 2008, business owners also need to research consumer  concerns and practices to be able to remain relevant to the current market. Case in point is that consumers also look into the added benefits of milk tea, or any other beverage, aside from its taste.

Addressing this dilemma, Teatey Milktea specifically added its fresh fruits selections to the menu so that customers won’t have to feel guilty in indulging in that foamy Mango Frappe or creamy Avocado Pearl Shake once in awhile. Teatey Milktea’s fresh fruit selections simply offers fresh fruits for their drinks instead of the powdered ones. Concerned about sugar content? We can also adjust the sugar percentage depending on your request.

Here are some of the beverages Teatey Milktea has to offer that contains fresh fruits:

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